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Built in Maya 2018 - licencsed advancedSkeleton 5.5 - with custom Osipa style facial rigging

+18 For adults only

Scaleable rig - Including individually scaleable body parts - i.e. Head, Hands, feet, Eyes nose, mouth, ears, breasts and buttocks. There are controls to adjust the position and scale of her individual face and body attributes
IKFK Arms, Legs and spine
IKFK Matching and Switching
Bendy - stretchy
Elbow and Knee pinning
Driving systems for fingers and toes as well as FK controllers
Gui picker -mirror copy, flip etc.
Osipa style facial set-up
Variety of clothing options and Hair styles
Built-in attributes to change the skin, hair and eye color
Over 100 blendshapes to customize the characters appearance, plus built-in corrective blendshapes for shoulders, elbows, ankles, knees etc.

Also included, a custom Animation Picker interface tool. This interface has options for selecting controls and for IKFK switching, IKFK matching. It also has other options like mirroring by seletions.