Ellen rig $39.00

UPDATED 12/09/2019 Contact Joel for info. joel@joel3d.com


Maya 2018 - with a licencsed advancedSkeleton

Animated (Walkcycle 45 frame cycle, Run cycle 24 frame cycle)
Scale-able - built to world scale 5ft-2in 160cm
Individually scale-able body parts - i.e. Head, Hands, feet, Eyes nose, mouth, ears, breasts and buttocks
IKFK Arms, Legs and spine
IKFK Matching and Switching
Bendy - stretchy
Elbow and Knee pinning
Driving systems for fingers as well as FK controllers
Gui picker -mirror copy, flip etc.
Advanced Skeleton facial set-up - Sliders and on-face controllers.
Variety of clothing options (also rigged)

The rendering is set-up with Mental Ray using smooth mesh preview so the meshes have not been subdivided.
The skin geometry is just above 6500 faces.

Rigged using advancedSkeleton, A powerful rigging system that happens to be free for anyone to download.

There are many more options available if you choose to install the plug-in.

Animation Picker interface tool. This interface has options for selecting controls and for IKFK switching, IKFK matching. It also has other options like mirroring by selections.

EllenCopyright 2020 Joel Anderson