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T.rex 2 Rigged with Maya 2018 with Maya Muscle System - $99.00

Newly Updated November 2019

(Rigged non-animated) $99. us dollars

Rig attributes

Attribute to switch between Maya Muscle Deformer and traditional Maya skin cluster.
Easy to use FKcontrols for muscles to adjust individual jiggle/weight parameters on muscles splines.
IK-FK Switching (Arms, legs and tail)
Symmetrically mirrored controls
Stretchy (Back, neck, arms, legs and tail)
Scalable (including muscle and skin)
Joint based facial set-up (WIP) includes fleshy eyes, tongue, nose and lips.
Breathing attribute.
Switch between round, or cat like iris both with open/close blendshape.
Includes Both the skeleton and skin geometry.

New textures included in Hypergraph, Skin with Proto feathers, Bloody and normal brown skin. Claws and teeth come with Bloody variation as well
(materials are in the Hypergragh and ready to be assigned - The bloody effect for example, select the skin geometry and a assign the Material named 'TrexColor_Bloody' and
change the material for the bloody claws
Lighting Setup included for rendering Mental Ray IBL.

(note that the smoothpreveiw (3 on the keyboard) will work for rendering. Otherwise there is a attribute to smooth the polygons on the main mover control