T.rex 2 Rigged and animated in Maya 2014 with Maya Muscle System - $249.00

Updated November 2017

Two animation versions to choose from

Version 1 - $199. Forward walk in the Z-axis
Version 2 - $199. Stationary walk cycle (80 frames)

Rig attributes

Attribute to switch between Maya Muscle Deformer and traditional Maya skin cluster.
Easy to use FKcontrols for muscles to adjust individual jiggle/weight parameters on muscles splines.
IK-FK Switching (Arms, legs and tail)
Symmetrically mirrored controls
Stretchy (Back, neck, arms, legs and tail)
Scalable (including muscle and skin)
Joint based facial set-up (WIP) includes fleshy eyes, tongue, nose and lips.
Breathing attribute.
Switch between round, or cat like iris both with open/close blendshape.
Includes Both the skeleton and skin geometry.


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