Posed T.rex Model



Models and Maya Rigs by Joel Anderson

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The free scenes files are for personal Non-commercial use only, do not sell or redistribute them in any way without my permission.




Under reconstruction


T.rex 2
Rigged with Maya 2014 muscle system



Cartoon Telephone Rig
Stretchy Squashy rig for Maya


T.rex 2 Skeleton rig


More coming soon


Great White Shark



Horse rig
Model created by Hung Vodinh




Under reconstuction


Xenomorph - Facehugger



Model created by Julian Johnson Mortimer


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Cartoon Window Rig
Stretchy Squashy rig for Maya



Cartoon Door Rig
Stretchy Squashy rig for Maya


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T.rex 2 Animated
Rigged and Animated


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Piggly Wiggly


Mr. Wiggles
A Maya rig comming soon

Free (most likely)


Cartoon Vacuum Cleaner
Stretchy Squashy rig for Maya



Triceratops skeleton rig


More coming soon